Learning the Languages of the Web with Launch School

Since graduating college back in 2014, I have been studying languages every day. I have lived in Mexico and China, and I have gained fluency in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Now I am aiming my sights on web development and the particular stack of computer languages needed to become a full-stack developer.

The particular program I am in is called Launch School.  It is much like a bootcamp. However, where bootcamps fall short, Launch School shines.

Launch School is not a 12- week program (They state on their website that the program normally takes 12 – 14 months.). And unlike so many overpriced 12-week bootcamps, the goal of Launch School is Mastery.

Many bootcamps tout that their students get jobs, but Launch School aims higher. We don’t want just any job, we want a good job. We want to be gainfully employed and well compensated.

This is done through the slow path to proficiency. I will flesh out this topic in upcoming blog posts. For now, it suffices to say that Launch School is for the serious beginner.

Launch School and what else?

On this website, I will document my progress learning web development at Launch School.

In doing so, I hope my blog can serve as guide to learning web development in general and give an inside look at this program for those that are interested..

Let’s get coding!